Movement and nutrition

A balanced diet and a moderate movement and exercise plan are among the mainstays of preventive health care. Our experts develop individual programmes to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Metabolic and dietary advice

A balanced diet is one of the most important requirements for a healthy, fit body. This is true for everyone, not just for people with allergies and metabolic diseases. If our specialists find that you have symptoms of dietary deficiency or unhealthy eating habits we draw up a dietary plan adjusted to your private and professional environment.

To help us analyse your dietary habits precisely, you record everything you eat and drink each day over a one-week period. Our specialist in nutritional medicine subjects this information to a computer-based evaluation process and then explains the results to you in a personal consultation. On the basis of this analysis and your check-up results, he draws up a personal nutrition plan and shows you healthy alternatives to your previous eating and drinking habits. Due to this change in diet, your state of health is able to quickly improve.

H2 (hydrogen) breath test

The H2 breath test is often an easy way to track down the causes of chronic stomach ache, frequent diarrhoea and other problems in the digestive tract. This very simple noninvasive examination is able to detect fructose malabsorption, lactose intolerance and bacterial imbalance.

The principle of the test depends on the fact that some of the carbohydrates we consume are not absorbed in the gut but are instead fermented by bacteria which produce hydrogen in the process. It is then easy to detect this hydrogen in the breath.

Eating is not allowed and drinks are limited to pure tap water in the 12 hours preceding the H2 breath test. Foods with a high fibre content should be avoided for a few days before the test. Antibiotics, intestine cleansers and oral contrast agents can also lead to an incorrect result.

Performance diagnostics

We offer an individualised diagnostic examination to test your body’s performance. It enables us to help you get better acquainted with your own body and understand its reactions to training stimuli.

Performance assessment is just as important for beginners as for people involved in recreational and competitive sport. We carry out a two hour test series to find out your training status. The test series includes:

  • graduated exercise tolerance test with lactate test (treadmill or exercise bike)

  • measurement of respiratory gases during exercise

  • measurement of maximum and relative oxygen uptake

  • determination of aerobic-anaerobic threshold

  • determination of aerobic endurance

  • assessment of your personal training state

  • final consultation

  • detailed documentation

Personal Training

The modern examination methods in our basic check-up enable you to evaluate your general state of health. Our targeted personal training program will allow you to be even more effective at unlocking your own potential.

We cooperate with Sport für Hanseaten®, a network of trainers that is

unique throughout Germany, to offer you individual support. More than

twelve experienced trainers in the Hamburg area belong to this network

which requires that each of its members has an academic qualification in

a relevant subject relating to sport or movement science.

This can involve running, swimming or cycling techniques, muscle strengthening, cardiovascular training, yoga or pilates. After an initial no-obligations advice session, you decide for yourself what is most important to you and what goals you would like to reach with your trainer.

Personal training with Sport für Hanseaten® offers you a tailor-made movement programme with immediate feedback. Our goal is to measurably improve your quality of life.

Muscle and mobility check

In everyday business life a body is exposed to many different stresses. Long spells sitting at a desk, in meetings or in aircraft can lead to musculoskeletal problems. In just 30 minutes we look at the current state of your musculoskeletal functions and give recommendations for definite courses of action.

In this check we look at:

  • active radius of joints, extent to which musculature can be stretched and any muscular imbalance.

  • brief inspection of the musculoskeletal system while standing, walking and with the back bent forwards.

  • ability of the nervous and muscular system to overcome resistance by means of contraction and to oppose or stop it.

  • ability to balance, ability to react and anticipate, ability to couple and vary movements.

After the check-up every participant receives recommendations for action and, if appropriate, practical exercises to compensate for any deficits that may have come to light.

Sensorimotor check

Good posture isn't just about standing up straight. It’s important at your desk, during long meetings and in everything else you do. That’s why we are offering a new sensorimotor check as an add-on to the muscle and mobility check. It provides precise information about postural deficits and the interplay between sensory and motor abilities. 


The 30 minute test involves

  • a short inspection of the musculoskeletal system while standing, walking and leaning forwards,

  • examination of body stability and any muscular asymmetries; measurement of reaction time,

  • evaluation of data from a record of performance; full documentation is included.

After the check you will be given tips on training to optimise posture and improve your dynamic trunk stability.

The sensorimotor check is suitable for people who are involved in active sport and/or for those with latent postural deficits. Incidentally, this check is particularly useful for people who have already completed the muscle and mobility check as part of their basic check-up.

The sensorimotor check can also be booked separately or as an add-on to the basic check-up.

The specialist in nutritional medicine

Dr. med. Andreas C. Pauly

Dr. med. Andreas C. Pauly is a specialist in nutritional medicine, natural medicine and anaesthesiology. In his private family practice, he predominantly helps patients who have taken ill due to the wrong diet or who suffer chronic illnesses or are overweight due to food allergies and/or intolerances.

As a nutrition expert, he offers medical metabolic and dietary advice, which leads to a change of dietary habit for those who are overweight and thereby quickly improves their state of health.

The movement coach

Dr. Sven A. Clausen

Dr. Sven A. Clausen has a doctorate in movement science combined with medicine and specialises in developing individual training programs for discerning private clients. He aims primarily to develop a training program that builds on the current state of fitness and works towards personal training goals.