The Medical Check-Up for executive managers and employees

Healthy and high-performing staff constitute the backbone of every successful company.

Omnipresent time pressure, a constant level of stress, as well as stress and strain at work and in the family may negatively affect the employee's health. Recognizing risk factors for the health at an early stage is particularly important for those high achievers.

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Healthy leadership is the keyword, as regular medical check-ups have become an integral part of a modern management culture. It is therefore crucial to provide a state-of-the-art medical concept: Risk factors  need to be identified as soon as possible. Preventive measures can protect effectively from diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or coronary heart diseases.   

In the context of the Company Health Management Scheme, the DIAGNOSTIK ZENTRUM Fleetinsel offers companies a Manager Check-Up: A comprehensive diagnosis using the most advanced diagnostic methods in just 6 hours - perfectly tailored to the tight time constraints of executives.


Procedure of the Basic Check-Up


8:00 am Introductory consultation/anamnesis

8:45 am Blood sampling and testing

9:00 am Colour-ultrasound-examination of abdominal organs and thyroid gland

10:00 am Colour-ultrasound-examination of neck/blood vessels

10:30 am Cardiovascular and lung diagnostics

11:00 am Breakfast break

12:00 pm Dermatological examination

12:30 pm Optionally: Ophtalmological examination or Muscle- and mobility check-up

13:00 pm Final consultation

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Since the issue health is increasingly shifting into the focus, effective and sound prevention at the company's expense has become an up-to-date incentive. With a medical check-up, as offered by the DIAGNOSTIK ZENTRUM Fleetinsel Hamburg, developed and tailored for executives, companies are now in a position to render special services to stand out and score in order to attract the best minds.

Prevention always pays off for companies

Without regular check-ups, a lot of risk factors remain undetected, as they often do not cause any physical discomfort. Only in the longer term, those risk factors may trigger diseases like strokes or heart attacks. Our methods and our 360 degree examination provide a specific early recognition of diseases. Concrete recommendations and effective countermeasures prevent from costly long-term absence.

On the basis of the results of our in-house long-term study „Präventions-Spiegel“ (review on prevention measures), we are in a position to demonstrate that investing into regular preventive health care of managers is not only worthwhile but pays off.