Advantages for companies

In Germany only every third heart attack is deadly but even the lucky ones – the people who get a second chance – must make radical changes in their lives. They are completely lost to the company for several weeks and must then ease up considerably at work.

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DIAGNOSTIK ZENTRUM Fleetinsel’s Prevention Report shows that regular medical check-ups catch the symptoms of serious illness early enough to start treatment while there’s still time.

But healthy people benefit too. Going through our six hour examination program and leaving our centre with a clean bill of health is a boost in itself. The experience will send anyone back to work with renewed energy and motivation.

An incentive for our time

Employees have often told us that they see company investment in the health of leading executives as a sign of high esteem.

Preventive healthcare at the company’s expense is an incentive for today. Health is increasingly taking centre stage. This is also shown by the Screening Report published by DIAGNOSTIK ZENTRUM Fleetinsel.

Special conditions for companies

DIAGNOSTIK ZENTRUM Fleetinsel offers special conditions for companies whose annual requirement is above a certain level. We’d like to tell you about them. For more information please call Pia Stein on +49 40-3697290.

The fee for the basic medical check-up is 1,690.00 euros for men and 1,670.00 euros for women.