Diagnostik Zentrum Fleetinsel will become new cooperation partner

The DIAGNOSTIK ZENTRUM Fleetinsel is extending its activities by a cooperation with the nationwide operating clinic Helios Prevention Center HPC. In future the corporate customers of the HPC Hamburg are medically attended by our medical team of the Diagnostik Zentrum Fleetinsel in close consultation with the medical director and cardiologist Dr. med. Tomas Stein Hamburg, participating our Medical Check-Up programme.

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Press release:

Innovative prevention – a strong cooperation partner in Hamburg

The DIAGNOSTIK ZENTRUM Fleetinsel (DZF) Hamburg is the leading centre for preventive medicine in northern Germany with the highest level of expertise acquired through more than 1,700 Check-ups a year. After the Helios Prevention Center had to stop inhouse Check-Ups in Hamburg for entrepreneurial reasons, the new cooperation activities shall now aim at improving the demand of corporate customers. „With the DZF, we have gained an experienced partner for our prevention network. I am looking forward to continuing the intensive exchange of expertise with Dr. Stein. Learning from each other as a close cooperation, we will jointly improve our services for our customers“, says Dr. Hildebrandt.

As an independent cooperation partner in Hamburg, the DZF offers the entire scope of medical services. Check-up participants can rely on a constantly high medical quality. „We are convinced that the cooperation will offer considerable benefits for both sides “, adds Dr. Stein. „Our clientele will continue to grow and we will be able to open up additional prospects for new enterprises. We share the same philosophy on innovative preventive medicine and I am looking forward to developing and promoting this approach together with Dr. Hildebrandt.“

The DIAGNOSTIK ZENTRUM Fleetinsel Hamburg GmbH will remain economically independent and will be additionally strengthened through the new cooperation with the HPC Prevention Centers and is gaining increasingly in importance nationwide.

For those enterprises interested in the prevention programme please contact the CEO Pia Stein of the Diagnostik Zentrum Fleetinsel Hamburg.

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