Weight-Coaching – Your individual weight loss programme under medical supervision

If you also wish to increase your performance and gain a better awareness of life, you will now have the opportunity to create positive change. We all know, the first steps are the hardest, however, with the right partner and an objective in mind, we can achieve anything. For that we are exactly your right choice of partner. Our state-of-the-art examination methods at the DIAGNOSTIK ZENTRUM Fleetinsel provide us with an objective assessment of your current state of health.

Achieving your aim under tailormade medical supervision. A team of highly-qualified nutrition experts and a comprehensive change of diet will help you to reach your target throughout the entire period of treatment. This is our personal promise to you!

gericht1Changing your diet pays off

Weight reduction is actually quite simple and yet difficult to put into practice. What is needed above all is the right approach – INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS. A balanced and healthy diet, easy to integrate into everyday life, is the key to success. We will support you to lose weight eating healthy and tasty food without going hungry. We will show you how to change your eating and movement behaviour, adapted to suit your living condition and your preferences, whether you often travel professionally or spend most of your time in your office. A high-protein and low-carb nutrition as well as an increase of the basal metabolic rate by muscle formation and endurance sports will help you to lose weight sustainably.

12 weeks coaching leading to success

Your path to losing weight: Our nutrition expert will lead you to success within 3 weeks. They will analyse your eating and movement patterns and check your blood values regularly as well as your body composition using bio-impedance-analysis. Recurring medical consultations will help you master your individual change of diet step by step. Weekly mailings providing valuable information, tips for everyday and recipes as well as a specifically developed food pyramid will support you on your way. This is how you will get a feeling for food helping you to lose weight and build up muscles in a healthy way.

csm tabelle big 55d09b8fc7Measurable success factors

The graphs of the bio-impedance-measurement indicating body weight, muscle mass and fat rate, show the typical course of a successful change of diet. Our participants keep the course successfully even after the 12 weeks under supervision.

Delicious food

In order to be able to implement our special food pyramid from breakfast to dinner, we will provide you with various simple and balanced recipes, solutions for those on the move and with a tight schedule. Enjoying a tasty meal and yet losing weight is not difficult. Promised.

This is how it works

Step by step towards success: Our programme developed by medical practitioners and the individual medical supervision will enable you to reach your target.

The mobile diary function

A nutrition diary for smartphone or tablet will help you keeping everything in view when travelling, thus making it easier for you to take notes on what food you ate at what time. Your individual coaching, whenever and wherever you go – as easy as it gets!

ern mailingsWhat to expect from our mailings

Jede Woche erhalten Sie von uns fundiertes Ernährungswissen und Know-how, praktische Alltagstipps, Motivations- und Durchhaltestrategien sowie leckere Rezepte und Einkaufstipps. Individuell auf Ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmt. So gelingt Ihnen die Ernährungsumstellung ohne Probleme und die Pfunde schmelzen.

Fees for weight coaching

Book now your individual 12-week-coaching under medical supervision, incl. all examinations, evaluations and programme contents for Euro 950.00*.

* Offer is valid in connection with the Medical Check-Up. Fee for the programme without prior Check-Up on request.

Weight coaching – Your tailor-made weight-loss programme under medical supervision. Get in contact now to ask for our programme details and arrange your desired appointment: Please write or call us under +49 (0) 40 36 97 29-0.